Indian And World Geography For UPSC

Indian And World Geography For UPSC

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We are happy to contribute another volume in Heed Publications General studies Series for UPSC, after a very successful maiden venture in form of ‘March of the Indian Economy’. The book is written in our trademark simple style of presentation in easy-to-understand language. The coverage is complete and comprehensive. The book is being presented in a unique style-we hope it will be appreciated by the readers. How to read this two in one book. The Book is custom-made to the requirement of the general studies papers for both CSE GS I Prelims and Mains GS I. As the reader will find each page of the book is divided in two columns. The width of the two columns is different. Left column on even pages and right column on odd pages have smaller width. Let us call them short columns. All the matter given in the short columns is basically meant to be of high use for preparation for preliminary examinations. These columns contain by and large the glossary, mcqs, concepts, summaries of all topics for Indian geography. Students preparing for mains examinations need to focus on study material presented in regular column. However, we need to make two confessions. One, we do not make a ‘master’ out of you. The scope of each chapter is limited to those areas of geography which help develop general awareness about the subject. Two, we are not making any original contribution, as far as the subject matter is concerned. We have drawn heavily on the available resources. Our contribution is to present the subject matter in such a manner that it makes little demand on reader’s intellect and time management. The taste of pudding is in its eating. Please share your experience with us. Contents Part A. Principles of Geography A.1-A.62 Part B. World Geography B.1-B.205 Part C. Geography of India C.1-C.249 Part D. Disaster Management D.1-D.23 Part E. Global Geographical Issues E.1-E.55

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