Topic Wise 400 Probables For General Studies Mains

Topic Wise 400 Probables For General Studies Mains


Topic wise 350 + probables .Must for Revision covers Most Important Topics For General Studies Mains , for Polity and Governance , Economy , History & Culture , Indian and World Geography , Science And Technology & International Relations. Written precisely in accordance with the question setter psychology. 60% questions in General Studies Mains 2016,15 & 14. View 2nd image for Answers with Page Numbers . About the Author : Kumar Ujjwal has more than 20 years of experience in teaching IAS aspirants and has written mains 3 times himself and Is the director Of Ujjwal IAS Academy in Mukherjee Nagar , Delhi. About the book : This book has a 3 year track record of sixty percent questions in mains in 2016,15 & 14 The Vastness of the Syllabus of General Studies Mains , Neccessitates Simplification,The author has successfully applied the innovative tricks and techniques of coding , frame working , classification and Co-relation in regular classes . However with this book he intends to cater the needs of wider section of aspirants by authoring this book . He claims to Cover most important topics in Economy , polity and governance , Geography and Environment , History and Culture , Science and technology and Internation relations as per UPSC mains requirement . This is a small probe into the minds of UPSC paper Checkers on their expectation from an answer by a Civil Servant .

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by Kumar Ujjwal


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