Last Lap Preparation For General Studies Mains

Last Lap Preparation For General Studies Mains


Methodology for Answer Writing for General Studies Mains . 50% questions in General Studies Mains 2016. View 2nd image for Answers with Page Numbers About the author – .Teaching experience of 25 years. Guiding IAS aspirants since 1991 .This book is a small probe into the minds of UPSC paper Checkers on their expectation from an answer by a Civil Servant . UPSC asks questions from events of less than one and a half years in MAINS and current events in prelims. Keeping this in mind consider the pattern on which the book is prepared. – We give you the blueprint to write analytical answers in General Studies mains to score 70% and above. – Covering Most Important Topics of syllabus for General studies Mains . · Decode The Hindu with this book. · Most important topics covered for General Studies Mains · With Model Answers · Covers Current affairs of national and international importance · Polity and Governance · Economy · History and Culture · Geography And Environment · Science And Technology & International Relations Last Lap Preparation for General Studies -We present to you the Methodology to Write an answer to Score 70% and Above in General Studies mains . To Crack Civil Services Examination is a tough nut in which the four papers of General Studies decide your fate . Its titanic boundary’s effect can be measured in these lines . In Worlds one of the toughest exams ,like IIMs & IITs the Students are getting hundred percentiles then why 50% marks in IAS for a topper . The reason is simple , Actually General Studies Tests your logic, reading , writing , general comprehension skills and a lot depends on the content and the way you present your answer . A large portion of questions require conceptual understanding and an analytical approach in 200 words

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by Vandhana Maheshwari & Samriddhi Goenka

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